Green Products

Turn to Our Team for Greener Workdays

A more sustainable work environment can also be a healthier and happier one. Blaisdell’s is a Certified Green Business — and we have the products and solutions to help your organization become one too.

We are your one-stop source for more than 15,000 recycled, compostable and biodegradable products, including:

  • Recycled paper products of all kinds
  • Recycled writing utensils
  • Recycled and compostable cups
  • Compostable one-cup coffee pods
  • Compostable birch ware utensils
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • Paper-saving hand dryers
  • And much more!

Our recycling programs also help you operate more sustainably:

  • Catalog recycling
  • E-waste recycling
  • Box recycling
  • Toner and ink recycling
  • And much more!

Even better, all proceeds from our toner and ink recycling program benefit the City of Hope Cancer Research Center.

“ We’ve placed a couple of orders with Blaisdell’s now and we could not be any happier with the products, service and customer experience Blaisdell’s gives to all of their customers.”

— Albert H., architectural firm

Our Sustainability Pledge

At Blaisdell’s, sustainability is integral to how we operate our own business. As a certified member of the California Green Business Network, we have committed to environmentally friendly practices that include:

  • Reducing water use
  • Conserving energy
  • Commuting sustainably
  • Preventing pollution
  • Using non-toxic cleaners
  • Avoiding waste
  • Recycling materials
  • Hiring local vendors

Some of our best sustainable practices and products have been the result of customer suggestions. We hope you can join us not only as a purchaser of our eco-friendly products, but as our partner in building a more sustainable world.

Contact us today to learn more about our green products and commitment to sustainability.