What Our Customers Say About Us

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with Blaisdell’s as your single source for your office products and supplies? Hear what our customers have to say:

“I would like to compliment your delivery employee. He is so kind and an asset to your company … He is courteous, kind and very professional.”

-Regina Q, California government agency

“I wanted to reach out and provide some feedback regarding Donovan, the person who delivers our Blaisdell’s orders to our office … Every single time he makes a delivery, he is exceptionally kind and friendly, and he always makes sure we’ve got everything we need. While I’ve met plenty of friendly delivery folks, it’s not often that I actively look forward to seeing them, as is the case with Donovan. Even other folks in the office will remark on how warm his demeanor is. He consistently clearly communicates about any backorders, and he goes out of his way to put our supplies where we need them, even when it’s a particularly large order. Even if I’m on the phone and unable to assist or even out of the office entirely when an order is delivered, I know that Donovan is proactive and efficient and always gets things taken care of, so I don’t have to worry about it because I know that he’s got it. This ease of mind is priceless and helps make my job easier, which I deeply appreciate. It’s clear to our office that Donovan works hard and is a valuable asset, and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with him through Blaisdell’s!”

-Hana Z., executive assistant and office manager, community justice organization

“I am writing in regard to the amazing service we, loyal customers to Blaisdell’s, receive from our delivery guy Tyler. Tyler has always been a joy, and breath of fresh air in our office since delivering to our Oakland location. He always comes in with a smile and has a great since of humor, making everyone in the office feel comfortable and happy to see him. He is consistent with every order, always delivering around the same time and very thorough. He interacts and greets everyone in the office making our business interaction seem more like a friendship, and we all appreciate that. His energy is awesome and we look forward to all our deliveries. Sure, the chocolates are a great bonus that we alllove … but we would not enjoy them as much if it weren’t for Tyler bringing them in. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for our favorite delivery guy Tyler. He is the absolute best!!!”

-Ayauna F., major employee union council

“I wanted to take the time to provide you this email on how Tyler provides excellent customer service when delivering packages to us for Alameda county. The interaction with Tyler is always pleasant.”

-Jackqueline F., division clerk, social services agency

“Thank you!  I don’t know how you guys do it, but your business has one of the best customer services that I have to deal with regularly. I am so impressed with the level of service that Blaisdell’s gives.  It just makes my whole day brighter when Andy shows up here!! Thank you again!!”

-Charlene H., city government

“I would like to compliment one of your staff named Tyler. I have been ordering and receiving products from Blaisdell’s for two years. I have ordered at the 2000 Embarcadero Cove site and Eastmont Mall site. Every time he comes to drop off any products, he has a smile on his face. He is very courteous and he very professional. He is the type of staff to light up when you see him because you know he will never have an issue. On occasions there may be times we need to return an item and he picks it right up when he is dropping off. He has always shown how much of a hard worker he is and I just thought I would like to let you and your business know. We love Tyler.”

-Keilah B., specialist clerk, behavioral health provider

“I hope my emails aren’t getting “old”. But I must say you have got to have the best staff I’ve seen in a very long time. Your team is consistently friendly, kind and most of all professional and very knowledgeable every time I call in for help. I sure hit a ‘homerun’ partnering with such a great people which, makes the company as you know!

I’ve been meaning to email you over Patrick for a while now. I know he’s not always on TPG’s route. However, what a fine gentleman he is. Great personality, careful with the deliveries when wheeling them to the back. Considerate of where he places them as we have a lot going on in the back room frequently. Some drivers (other vendors) start unpacking right in the middle of a mailing or inventory count. Sounds trivial – but very disruptive.

Anyway – please thank Patrick for his great service and dedication. Always enters with a smile and a “Hi David”. Just wanted to give Patrick a “shout-out” for his attention to detail. Thanks so much and talk to you later!!

-David M., office manager, meeting and events agency

“We often don’t take the time to recognize when someone goes out of their way to help us. I want to take this time and say thank you, your effort and dedication in supporting us has been wonderful. I took over this role and your team never missed a beat regardless of what was asked of them. Great job! And thanks you for your enduring support.”

-Jeffrey S., MRO buyer, major chocolate company

“I am very impressed with the level of service from both (customer service) and the drivers; it makes a big difference to have a local vendor instead of a corporate giant, and I look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future.”


“Just want to update you that all pieces for the buildout were delivered today. I gotta say, you knocked it out of the park with the pedestal selection… A big thank you for all your efforts in helping us complete this project. Thank Greg and the Blaisdell’s installers as well…”

— Robb, Morling and Company 

“I just wanted to send a big thank you to Blaisdell’s today!
I needed ink to finish sending out Thank You’s … and it was delivered first thing this morning. That is not the best part…the BEST part is that the driver waited for me to get to the door and handed me some Ghiradelli Squares! I was soooooo happy! Made my day! Please let the driver know he made my day!
Happy Holidays and Be Safe!”

— Joan, Worksafe 

“I wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a wonderful job Adrienne has been doing for us. We recently setup/added an additional location with her and from the beginning she’s been a rock star. She is very knowledgeable about your products, pricing and availability and she represents Blaisdell’s like the professional she is!

You’ve gained another loyal customer due to her efforts and outstanding customer service.”

— Nadinne J., insurance agency

” We had placed an order for a huge, 4-door filing cabinet which Nick delivered.  We requested Nick to bring the cabinet into the particular office where it needed to be placed, asked him to move some existing furniture around, unwrap the packing, etc. 

Nick was so obliging and did everything with a smile.  We felt he did much more than was expected and offered him a $10 tip.  Nick very vehemently refused to take it in spite of our insisting.  He is truly a model employee and we wanted to tell you.”

— Shanti J., government agency