Earth Day Ideas that ‘Work’

Earth Day Ideas that ‘Work’

How to make your workplace a bit greener this Earth Day

Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd. Large scale sustainability initiatives to company practices, design, and product usage is great for a workplace, we encourage it; however, it can sometimes be difficult to get everyone on the same page. In order to make a impact, the best way to approach and achieve sustainability goals is to start with you! A little eco-friendly change in your daily routine can yield some surprising results that mother nature would be proud of.

Here are a few ideas to get you moving towards a leaner, greener workday:

1. Eliminate Single Use Cups

Try carrying around a reusable bottle or thermos for your water or coffee! You are more likely to stay hydrated and will feel good knowing you are helping the environment. Turn this into a sustainable and productivity boosting gift, see ideas here. If you still need single use, at least turn towards biodegradable options. At Blaisdell’s we offer a variety of in-stock compostable cup options for your breakroom:

Eco-Products GreenStripe Compostable Cold Cup

Starbucks We Proudly
Serve PLA Lined Cups

Greenware® PLA Clear
Compostable Cold Cups

Genuine Joe Eco-Friendly White Paper Cups

2. Use Recycled Printing Paper

Putting recycled paper in your printers is an easy go green idea. With today’s technology, you and your colleagues won’t even notice the difference. Shop dozens of recycled copy paper options with free, next day delivery right here.

3. Print Double Sided While You Work

Make sure your printer is set to print double-sided. According to the EPA, printing double-sided can reduce your paper waste by 10 – 40%.

4. Use Paperless Notebooks

Did you know that the average office worker generates about 2 pounds of paper waste every day? Fortunately, today’s technology can help us use less paper. Try Rocketbook, it’s a wired notebook that is erasable and reusable. It looks and feels like a regular notebook but is an environmentally friendly alternative!

5. Use Eco-friendly Notebooks

If you can’t imagine using a paperless notebook, you can try using a notebook made from recycled paper to minimize your impact on the environment. Enjoy traditional note-taking while saving the planet! See some options available below:

Nature Saver Hardcover 100% Recycled Wire Notebooks

Sparco College-Ruled 100% Recycled Composition Book

TOPS Second Nature
100% Recycled College Notebook

Blueline NotePro
Recycled Romanel
Cover Notebook

6. Write with Recycled and Refillable Pens

A good pen is essential for any office. However, throwing away plastic pens that aren’t biodegradable isn’t good for the environment. Biodegradable pens made from recycled materials are a better option that you can use to go green. Pilot’s B2B Pen is our personal favorite!

7. Environmentally-Friendly Coffee Pods

Did you know you can compost part of your K-Cups? By separating the coffee pod, you can compost its leftover coffee grounds and paper filter! There are also several eco-friendly and responsibly sourced coffee roasters that make biodegradable coffee pods to fit any Keurig machine, such as San Francisco Bay Coffee pods.

8. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Ditch the harsh chemicals and try some natural all-purpose cleaner. Companies like Method, Seventh Generation, and Green Earth offers biodegradable, plant-based all purpose cleaners and hand soaps.

Clorox Green Works All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Green Earth Natural All Purpose Cleaner
Method Streak-Free
Glass Cleaner

Seventh Generation Pro
All-Purpose Cleaner

9. Integrate Recycle and Compost Bins

Add recycle bins to your office and compost bins in the breakroom and kitchen.

10. Add Signage to Encourage Going Green

According to Stanford University, people are more likely to recycle if there are clear instructions on how to do it and an urgent message that describes the negative consequences of not recycling. We can create custom signage with a personal messaging and look, to help spread green awareness!


Did you know Blaisdell’s is celebrating 15 years as a California Certified Green Business? We take pride in our efforts towards a more sustainable business. Blaisdell’s Business Products relays our green initiatives onto our customers by offering a large variety of recycled, compostable, and biodegradable products for the workplace. We even pair it with free business recycling services, ebilling, green analysis programs, and more. Contact us to learn more or click here to register for your free business account.

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