Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

Is your business ready for Employee Appreciation Day?

Friday, March 4th is not just a day to acknowledge those employees that keep your business moving, it’s also a time to bring your whole team together. We know, it seems like there is a day for everything…. national pie day, walk backwards day, hug your best friend day. It gets tiring trying to keep track of them all but mark your calendars business professionals because this one is important!

Why should businesses celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

An employee who has been recognized is 63% more likely to stay at his or her current job within the next three to six months. 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated. 78% said being recognized motivates them in their job.

We don’t need to bore you with all the statistics – just common sense and that very familiar saying of ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’. Taking one day out of the year to appreciate your employees can yield a lot of benefits including retention, increased productivity, trust, and overall happiness! There is no budget for appreciation as it comes in many forms. Employee motivation is driven by employer appreciation and there are several ways to foster your employee’s need to succeed:

1. Treat Your Employees Taste Buds

Free snacks and refreshments are always the answer! It must be because when we were little kids, positive reinforcement always involved a sweet treat. We find comfort in food and thus, this always makes for a great thank you in the workplace.This year, take your thank you’s to the next level by upgrading your coffee selection, introducing new snacks to your breakroom, or even bring in a catered lunch or a nice breakfast spread with donuts and fresh fruit for your team. Blaisdell’s can help with free, next day delivery on coffee, candy and treats, snacks, beverages, and fresh fruit.

Have you considered upgrading your beverage systems? I can’t speak for the rest of the team, but when I see a new coffee machine or a Elkay Smartwell water system added to my company’s breakroom, it sure puts a smile on my face!

2. Add Interest to the Workspace

Foot hammock anyone? Ok maybe that’s a bit over the top – but adding interest gives employees a sense of enjoyment when they take their seat. Make their desk or workspace feel more welcomed with organizational tools, fun gadgets, tech or ergonomic accessories that not only show you care, but helps take care of them in the process. Blaisdell’s offers 100’s of options to help with desk accessories including ergonomic office products, Post-It dispensers, desk lighting, art and signage, desk organizers, message boards, tech accessories, and more.

Did You Know: Blaisdell’s is staffed with certified ergonomists! With COEE and CEAS I training, they can evaluate and provide customized recommendations that make for a better workday. Schedule your employee(s) by appointment, in person or over video chat. Evaluation fees do apply. Contact us for more details.

3. Give Out Awards or Pats on the Back

Whether it’s honoring employees for their hard work or what they bring to the workplace environment, let it be known. A simple shout out or print out certificate can go a long ways in recognizing their role and making their presence feel appreciated.

  • Start an employee of the month program Add extra recognition for a job well done by creating a program that spotlights your employees for their above and beyond performance. It shows appreciation and may inspire others to do the same.
  • Post a shout out on the intranet or office bulletin board Utilize your companies internal communication outlets to acknowledge employees for their outstanding work and allow other employees to congratulate them.
  • Invest in printed certificates, trophies, or hand-crafted awards Set goals for employees to obtain prestigious awards or make it a fun and quirky gesture by engaging employee voting for abnormal honorees. Titles such as funniest coworker, speediest typist, or perfect attendance could add humor to their workday and build up your company’s culture.
  • Get vocal on social media, in newsletters, or team meetings Say it loud and proud outside the workplace. Take your employee recognition beyond the office by showing your appreciation publicly. A dedicated website space, social media post, or special feature in a company newsletter are just the start of something great.

Blaisdell’s can help with certificates, frames, custom trophies, award medals, plaques, and more. Browse here!

4. Donate to a Favorite Nonprofit Organization

Trying to find ways to tie together your company’s corporate giving to your employee‘s passion? Giving to charities employees support shows that you care about what they care about. You can donate to organizations in employees’ names or provide employees with a set amount to donate to their favorite nonprofit organization. Matching donations is another possibility!

Take it a step further by giving your employees VTO (volunteer time off) at their favorite charity on your company’s behalf. Strategies like this can empower employees to work with a larger purpose outside of their world of work. Enhance the effort with a group outing to a local organization to give back while building teamwork and allowing employees to connect outside of the workplace.

5. Incorporate Games and Extra Time Off

Make this Friday extra fun with in-office games to rally your team together. If you’re working remote, have no fear! Virtual games like bingo, trivia, and scavenger hunts can achieve the same effect. Worried about participation? A sweet incentive like a paid vacation day or gift card could do the trick. Taking breaks is an important part of the workday because it lets the mind relax and refresh for increased productivity! Employee Appreciation Day may turn out to be so successful, you might want to consider incorporating it into every Friday afternoon.

Get in the game with Champion Sports! Blaisdell’s offers a vast selection of sporting goods to keep your team entertained including: bag toss, scoop ball, ring toss, horse shoes, indoor bowling, table tennis and more. Don’t forget poly spot markers which can be used for team building exercises like mine field.

These ideas are just some of the many ways your business can show employee appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day… or any other day of the work week. Our Blaisdell’s team is here and happy to help make it a great workday for you, your employees, and your business.

Download a PDF copy of Blaisdell’s Employee Appreciation Day Last Minute Ideas booklet here.

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