Is Your Business Ready to Go Green?

Is Your Business Ready to Go Green?

Whether you’re ready or not, California is making moves towards a greener workday. Starting January 1, 2022 jurisdictions (cities, counties, cities and counties, or special districts that provide solid waste collection services) will be required to purchase recycled-content paper products that are recyclable. SB 1363 builds upon existing laws that require jurisdictions to purchase products that contain minimum recycled content, and adds additional requirements on product recyclability and recordkeeping. 

So what types of products are we talking about? Great question! Some business-related categories include:

  1. Office supplies including, but not limited to, file folders, hanging file folders, white wove envelopes, manila envelopes, index cards, cartons, wrapping and packaging products, as well as corrugate boxes.
  2. Writing and printing papers whether its copy paper, computer printout, xerographic, watermark, cotton fiber, or offset. Other uncoated writing papers, writing tablets, and notepads also apply.
  3. Custom printed materials including calendars, brochures, reports, magazines, publications, posters, newsprint, book paper, and business forms.
  4. Janitorial paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, and toilet seat covers.

There are no reporting requirements for paper purchases; however, jurisdictions will need to maintain records to show that they have met the procurement requirements. Records that must be kept include:

  • Copies of all invoices, receipts, or other proofs of purchase that detail the procurement of paper products and printing and writing papers by volume and type
  • Written certification(s) from vendors and other verification(s) for minimum recycled content, as applicable

Blaisdell’s Business Products is here to help. We offer over 15,000 unique recycled, compostable, and biodegradable products all with free, next day delivery. Our sophisticated reporting and certification as a California green business can provide you and your business with detailed reporting that shows recycled content and recyclability of the items you purchase. Contact us to set up your green favorites list on your online account and begin to align your everyday office purchases to the new laws of SB 1383.

To learn more about SB 1363 on Cal Recycle’s website, please click here.

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