Safety Products

A Happy Workday is a Safe Workday

When it comes to ensuring workplace comfort and productivity, nothing’s more important than keeping your people safe.

Blaisdell’s offers a wide array of safety products to help facilities in Oakland and San Francisco protect their people and reduce liability concerns.

Our selection includes:

  • Safety signs and cones
  • Hard hats
  • Protective apparel
  • Hearing protection
  • Safety glasses and goggles
  • Gloves
  • First aid kits
  • Fire safety products
  • Safety mats
  • Flashlights
  • AEDs and accessories
  • Hose and cable protection
  • Handheld radios and radio systems

“ Great prices and outstanding customer service. You’re perfect!”

— Moira M., local school district

Contact us today to learn how we can improve your workday through products and approaches that help keep your workers and business safe.