Ergonomic Assessments

Fit and Function for a Healthier Workday

What’s an ergonomic assessment? It’s the process of performing a scientific investigation of an individual’s work station and environment in order to provide recommendations for a healthier work environment based on the results of these findings. These are performed by trained and certified ergonomists.

At Blaisdell’s our team can assist yours with a happier, healthier workday. Available in-person or over video conference, Blaisdell’s offers ergonomic assessments with our in-house and certified COEE, CEAS I ergonomic specialists would will walk you through an assessment process:

  1. Discussing employee concerns
  2. Making workstation observations
  3. Identify employee risk factors
  4. Offer on-the-spot adjustments to existing equipment
  5. Provide healthy posture and equipment positioning

After the initial assessment, our ergonomist will then provide a formal report for each employee to the designated contact. The report will outline an observed risk factors, suggest solutions, and include equipment recommendations.

If needed, our ergonomist will schedule a follow up appointment with the employee to ensure any new products provided are being used correctly and that the employee is comfortable.

There is a fee for each ergonomic assessment performed. Please contact below for pricing and availability.

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