Ergonomic Assessments

Fit and Function for a Healthier Workday

What’s an ergonomic assessment? It’s the process of performing a scientific investigation of an individual’s work station and environment in order to provide recommendations for a healthier work environment based on the results of these findings. These are performed by trained and certified ergonomists.

Let Blaisdell’s Empower Happier, Healthier Workdays with the Right Ergonomics

At Blaisdell’s our team can help you take the next step to a happier, healthier workday with an ergonomic assessment. Available in-person or over video conference, Blaisdell’s offers ergonomic assessments with our in-house and certified COEE, CEAS I ergonomic specialists would will walk you through an assessment process:

  1. Discussing your employee’s concerns
  2. Making workstation observations
  3. Identify employee risk factors
  4. Offer on-the-spot adjustments to existing equipment
  5. Provide healthy posture and equipment positioning

After the initial assessment, our ergonomist will then provide a formal report for each employee to the designated contact. The report will outline an observed risk factors, suggest solutions, and include equipment recommendations.

If needed, our ergonomist will schedule a follow up appointment with the employee to ensure any new products provided are being used correctly and that the employee is comfortable.

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Discover how an assessment can help improve employee health and increase workplace productivity!