Breakroom Snack Celebration

Breakroom Snack Celebration

Get to snackin’ because February is National Snack Month!

Today, businesses are challenged with tackling high turnover rates, increasing employee retention, and keeping a productive, healthy and satisfied workplace. One simple, yet effective strategy is offering free breakroom snacks and refreshments. What better month to implement or enhance your workplace perk than National Snack Month?

Why is it important to offer snacks in your breakroom?

Budgeting for this workplace perk can give your business more than just a trash can full of wrappers. This ROI yields benefits far beyond employee happiness….

  1. Snacks are great for workplace culture
    Workplace culture is proving to be a main driver of employee hiring and retention. Happy attitudes can be contagious! Tell me the last time someone got angry or upset because there was free snacks on the table.
  2. Employees don’t have to leave the office
    Think about it – employees going in and out of the office throughout the day is a distraction. Being gone for prolonged amounts of time can also reduce productivity and make it hard to focus back in on the tasks at hand.
  3. They’re great for sustaining productivity
    Empty stomachs are never a good sign. Add fuel to your employees fire throughout the day to help them sustain productivity and reduce burnout. Small breaks to stretch and grab a snack can also boost productivity too!
  4. They make team meetings more enticing
    As the saying goes, if you feed them, they will come! At times we dread those roundtable meetings, especially on Monday mornings; however, with the right break room refreshments, you can perk up your attendees and promote participation.
  5. Snacks promote your company’s health
    Maintaining healthy, high energy levels is important for employee productivity and, in turn, improves the overall health and well-being of your company. Be selective to avoid a crash with chips, cookies, and snack packs that are low in sugar. Focus on high protein options such as granola bars and protein bars.
  6. Who doesn’t love a little appreciation?
    Whether it’s a small gesture to celebrate a holiday or just a sign of thanks for a hard days work, a couple tasty break room snacks and refreshments can let any employee know you care. Fine details such as this can even increase employee retention.

Welch’s Strawberry 
Fruit Snacks
Kar’s Nuts Trail
Mix Variety Pack
Boulder Canyon 
Inventure Variety Pack
Cheez-It® Original 
Low Fat Crackers
KIND Peanut Butter 
Variety Mini Snack Bars
SkinnyPop Original 
Fat-Free Popcorn
Quaker Oats Brown Sugar Maple Instant Oatmeal

Kellogg’s® Cereal 
Assortment Pack
Combos Cheddar Cheese Filled Pretzel Packs
Nutri-Grain® Flavor
Assortment Case
Nature Valley® Oats &
Honey Granola Bars
Frito-Lay Grandma’s 
Assorted Cookie Packs

Did you know Blaisdell’s also offers our customers fresh fruit and dairy products?

If your office is in the Bay Area or Sacramento, then you’re in for a real healthy treat! Blaisdell’s is proud to support local business with the procurement of fresh fruit and Clover dairy products straight from California farmers. See our local product offerings here.

Shop for 100’s of break room snack options with free, next day delivery at To learn more about Blaisdell’s coffee and break room offerings for your business, click here.

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