Effective Janitorial Supplies to Use As Offices Open Up

Effective Janitorial Supplies to Use As Offices Open Up

Covid-19 vaccines are finally starting to be administered throughout the general public. This is a hopeful sign that things are finally starting to return to a new normal. Workers heading back to the office are another indicator. It pays to be prepared to maintain the highest level of cleaning and hygiene at your workplace. That means keeping a complete stock of janitorial supplies in Sacramento to meet any new anti-viral protocols in place at your office.

Blaisdell’s Business Products provides janitorial supplies and knows what you will need to keep your employees and clientele safe. In this post, we’ll discuss what you should have in your inventory.

You should consider this topic in two similar but equal ways. The first is from a cleaning standpoint. You will need disinfectants, wipes, sprays, detergents, and cleaning tools to ensure the property itself is safe for a return to work.

The other consideration is protection for anyone on the property. In this category, you can include hand sanitizer, soap, and dispensers, gloves, masks, and facial tissue, for example. These may not have been the types of things you thought of when ordering janitorial supplies for your office, but they should be included on every list now.

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