Impacted Inventory

COVID-19 Impacted Products

The coronavirus has caused many changes to our economy including the production and distribution of essential and preventative items. Due to the global outbreak, there is a very high demand for the following products and, if ordered, may not be immediately available:

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of these products cannot keep up with the demand and are allocating shipments of these items to distributors nationally. As we receive sporadic allotments from the manufacturers, we have been fulfilling backorders and shipping these out immediately to our customers.

Per the government’s request, Blaisdell’s is currently prioritizing fulfillment on first responders, healthcare, and essential business customer orders at this time.

We hope manufacturers will return to normal lead times in the near future but there are no specific dates at this time. Blaisdell’s recommends you reach out to us to confirm stock and/or contact your sales executive for an alternative, in-stock option, if available.

“ Prior to placing an order, please be aware that the items listed above, in addition to other janitorial, hygiene and healthcare products are non-returnable. For additional info regarding Blaisdell's return policy, please click here.”

— Blaisdell's Customer Service

Please note: If your business is currently not open and available to receive your order, we will hold it in our warehouse until further notice.

To confirm if your backorders have been fulfilled, please reference your invoices. All items on backorder will not be invoiced until they are fulfilled and staged for delivery. For additional questions regarding product availability or the status of your order, please contact us.